Friday, April 30, 2010

Forgot to mention

As I was typing up my post about my M4A box, I realized that I hadn't shown you the completed Diana socks.


And in case you doubt that I made two, here's both of the them together:

These were my second attempt, and I used a skein of Chaco yarn dyed green, and the blue/purple sock yarn that was leftover from Murat's socks. They don't show the cabling pattern quite as well as some combinations would, but I still rather like them.

This was my first attempt...

...which I was very pleased with until I ran out of sock yarn midway through the second sock. Once Diana's official pair were done, I went back to these ones and tried again.

I used a different sock yarn that is similar but you can still see the changes--just after the heel on both socks.

These I'm saving until the sock challenge in November. Whoo-hoo--one done already!

The pattern has been tweaked and I'll relist it soon with new pics and changes and then I'll be ready for some test knitters (this means YOU!) Please and Thank You.

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valéria said...

Ok...calling in for duty..... or offering myself up....or be the victim that's about to test knit socks...or the one who's always up for another project because she has nothing lying around mhoaahahaaahaaa.... *evil laugh*......

Well if you need me to test knit?? I would gladly help out :o) I promise I will hurry up with this then :o) And not slacking....