Sunday, February 07, 2010



We're getting tired of it, I tell you.

Really tired.

This time we got 18 inches by our inexpert calculations. I can't even stand to watch the news for more and more and more and more stories about the snow.

Really tired. Really done.

Even if it's pretty.

I'm done.

Even if we can do some of this:

I'm still done.

Even if it's warming up and melting some.

I'm done. Uncle.

It's not even like I'm getting lots of knitting done. In fact, today I knitted half a row and then tinked 3 rows. Not any forward progress there.

Not at all.

However, in the past few days I have managed to finish a couple of things.

This is Claudia. A lovely knit. It started out being natural colored Fisherman's wool, but then it seemed too yellow and so I dyed it.

I got slightly carried away with the dye, but no one can say it's not a nice, vibrant color.
Pattern: Claudia, done as written.

Here are some socks for charity. These were my basketball game take along socks, but since there hasn't been a game for so long due to the snow...and there won't be one in the forseeable future, I decided to finish them.

Marathon sock yarn, 68 sts, size 1 dpns, 85 sts from heel flap to toe.

(Note to self: If you step off the front step into the grass, there is still 18 inches of snow there even though the snow looks equal in heighth to the steps. Next time, put on boots.)

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Marguerite said...

Love your winter pictures, even if I am sick of winter.