Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympics: Day 14, Skein 8. Status: finished!

That's right--the sweater is knitted, the ends are sewn in, the button is on, and it's all done!

Not only did I watch lots of Olympics this week, but I had 3 days of basketball knitting, two of which were double headers. (One JV and one Varsity, not two JV games. Is that a double header, or just two games in one night? Anyway, it was a lot of basketball.) The games were all over tonight and the sweater was finished a couple of hours later.

With 3 days to go!

DS is modeling it again. ("I know you need to go to bed, but just give me a couple of minutes to sew on this button and then you can pose for a couple of pics. Pleeeease?")

By Monday I was starting the hood by basketball time, but then I ran out of yarn and forgot the extra skein.

Tuesday's basketball knitting included finishing the hood and knitting half of the i-cord tie.

Wednesday's day off knitting and Thursday's basketball knitting consisted of lengthening the body. It seemed long enough so that it "would do" and I would've left it there if I had run out of yarn, but I hadn't. I had most of 3 skeins left so I ripped out the bottom ribbing and side slit, added 1.5 inches of body, and reknit the ribbings.

Much better.

Pattern: Hooded tunic #244 from Knitting Pure and Simple.
Yarn: Univeral Yarn Inc. Deluxe Chunky Tweed in Nottingham Forest. Only 8 skeins so I still have two left over!
Needles: size 9 for the body and size 7 for the garter st ribbing.

This will travel to Kazakhstan in the summer to get to Yegor for next fall. I hope he likes it!


Lynn said...

WOW impressive!!!!! You did a great job!

valéria said...

Wow I'm in awe...that's stunning that you've done this so quickly and so nice!!! Deep bow...