Friday, February 12, 2010

The state of things....

...before the Olympics takes over my life.

Oh, wait, I'm not a real athlete. I'm just a knitting athlete.

Anyway, this is where things stand at approximately one hour before cast on for the Olympics.

My Curve of Pursuit afghan. I'm working on square 12.

Big enough to squish up the sides on the needles, but not big enough to cover my body. I've worked on it a lot this week, but have a ways to go.

I've also dug out my Mirepoix vest this week. After tinking 3 rows, I've knitted several in a row--catching up and surpassing my tinking.

It's about halfway to where it needs to be until I do the next thing. (Armholes? Neckline? Why bother to read ahead, it'll just spoil the surprise.)

While both of those UFOs are very different, they're both stockinette, and I became itchy for some cables.

Hence, another Unoriginal hat.

Marr Haven mulespun wool in a pretty lavendar. Size 13 needles and shortened the second repeat. Size 11 dpns when decreasing. (Why, yes, purple is my favorite color, why do you ask?) This is intended for someone who did me a huge favor this week, and with all the snow this week I figure she could use something warm (I was trying not to mention the S word, but it just worked its way in there.)

And, for the random element:

One of the hazards of my job is that I get first notice of when things go on clearance. And frequently come home with them.

Today I bought sock point protectors.

They just make me laugh.


And, we finished another puzzle.

This one was my mom's and is covered with quotations from various Shakespeare plays.

Fun to read, but rather hard to do. DD#2 did most of the quotations while leaving the solid white for me. (She's just sweet, that way.)

Okay, now there's 30 minutes until cast on. Time to find my pattern, figure out what size I should make, and knit a swatch. (That's right, not prepared as usual.)

May the Olympics begin!

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Barbara said...

Looks like you were prepared for the Opening Ceremony. I had trouble knitting and watching at the same time. Thanks for mentioning us in your Unoriginal hat, btw I don't think the design looks unoriginal at all.