Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics: Day 7, Skein 5

It's Day 7 of the Olympics. Seven days that I've been knitting, but not blogging. Taking pictures, but not blogging.

So, here's my recap of my last week's work.

Before the Opening Ceremonies, I had prepared a bit.

Five balls of yarn were wound.

The pattern was found.

And chocolate was located close to my couch.


We were didn't have any more snow over the weekend, but all the weekend activities were canceled so I had plenty of knitting time.

Then, school started back up, and with it all the various activities.

Here is my knitting bag at a basketball game.

With no pattern.

At all. ("Wow, the inside of a knitting bag," you must be saying, "that's an inspired picture!")

I was able to guess what to do at the bottom (that has side slits and a garter stitch border) so that it was almost exactly right. Close enough, anyway, so as to do no frogging.

Here's an inspired picture of the sweater in progress. At the basketball game. On the bench. Not so's you could tell.

But, you can tell that I'm knitting from the top down. The purple yarn is the stitch holder for the sleeves. The sock point protectors add cuteness.

I knitted some in the car while waiting for DS#2. Here you can see the split neckline.

Then here is the most inspired picture of all. It's of Ds#2 modelling the sweater with his head chopped off. (The only way he would agree to do it. He didn't seem to mind the neon green shirt or the pj pants being in the pic so long as his head wasn't.)

I'm making this sweater according to measurements for Yegor in Kazakhstan. He is 2 inches wider in the chest than DS, but otherwise the measurements are about the same. So, I think it will work.

However, I'm running into a familiar feeling. That's the feeling of:

I thought for sure than 10 skeins would be enough. And that's true if not for the fact that they're only 120 yards per skein. According to yarn requirements on the pattern, I should have enough. If I don't add on much to the length. Or the sleeves.

Arrrgh. Started skein 5 out of 10 last night. It's a bit scary. But anyway, if I'm on skein 5 out of 10, then I must be halfway done. And if we're on Day 7 out of 17, I should be able to finish on time and to win a gold medal.

And thus ends my stream-of-conscienceness post from the last 7 days.

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