Saturday, February 27, 2010

New yarn...

Using up those 8 skeins made me need to buy more yarn. 19 skeins worth, in fact.

The first batch was ordered while I was snowed in. I read about a sale at Little Knits, and that's all it took. They require a $25 minimum order and there were some good sales, so I stocked up.

The green Atacama Alpaca is for mixing with wool for Akkol socks. Two skeins of cotton and blends are for summer socks, two skeins of wool sock yarn are because they're pretty. One skein of Opal is because I just don't have hardly any solid sock yarn (see above picture: the percent of solid sock yarn did improve much, did it?)

Then, there was some clearance yarn at work this week. First I bought 5 skeins of Patons Classic wool in sesame.

(And if it goes any cheaper I might get more.)

Then, I couldn't resist 8 skeins of blue Patons.

It's enough for a sweater. And I don't have a blue sweater.



valéria said...

You're funny :o) Oh my...I'm on my attic clearing the yarns and putting it all together and search it out for all kinds of uses...I really need to do some stash burning...busting I mean over here.... Any ideas for quick patterns?? I'm in :o)

Denise said...

You are so bad. You're supposed to get rid of the yarn not buy more. Yeah like I can talk...Little Knits is super and I must. not. look. at. their. site...