Sunday, December 20, 2009


We live right in the path of the snowstorm, and boy! did we get snow! At least 14 inches, and most likely more (considering our precise method of sticking a ruler in the snow. When it was getting covered we taped another one on the end.)

You'd think that would make good knitting time, but instead, I've been lots of other things.

Things like shovelling out the cars, finding all the kids' snow gear, fixing a pair of snow pants, drying all the snowgear, baking cookies and pumpkin bread, putting up the Christmas tree and other decorations, working on Christmas cards and finishing a puzzle.

Plus, washing dishes and dishes and dishes. It's amazing how many more dishes we use when we're all stuck in the house and bored (and baking).

Here's some pics:

Out the back door:

Out the front door:

When I finally put on shoes and walked out to the road,

Up the hill:

And down the hill:

Nicely plowed and ready to be driven on.

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Lynn said...

Ok you live near NOTHING!!! Not a house or a store to be seen!! What a gorgeous snow scene!