Sunday, November 08, 2009

Time to decide

One week ago I decided to attack my Mirepoix vest with new vigor. The only requirement I had was to knit "a bit" every day. I didn't define "a bit" any further. It didn't need to be for any length of time or any amount of rows as long as I knitted on it every day.

I put markers to mark my daily progress and they really helped to keep me moving.

In one week's time, I've done 7 inches and am now ready for the bodice (i.e. the hard part).

Pulling out the rest of my yarns, I found this hot mess.

I still haven't decided on the color combinations.

To recap, I needed 2 shades of 3 colors for a total of 6, including the grey. I originally have 6 colors, but 3 shades of teal, 2 of yellow, and grey all by itself.

This is my first swatch.


Then, I bought 2 shades of pink and tried this out.

Double hmmm...

Then I put it all away and forged ahead on the ribbing.

Figured I'd deal with it later.

Now, it's later and time to decide.

Or knit another swatch.

Or two.

1 comment:

valéria said...

Umph...I'm busted....yep the darning threads are not a fun job and it's really easy to tug it into that sock ;o)

I love what the swatches are showing are you going to make mittens???? Not that I'm nosy.....*looks innocent*.....