Friday, November 20, 2009

Next time I'll bring green

Last night was the athletic sports banquet for the fall sports. It's still called a banquet even though there's no food. At all. When my older 2 went through the system, it was called a banquet but we all brought desserts. Now.... nothing. But, I digress....

All the sports meet together and the big awards are given and then the group breaks up and each sport has it's own awards ceremony.

We (DD#2's field hockey team) were there the longest. By a long shot.

How long, you ask?

This long.

Long enough to knit 6 inches of a hat. I could've knit another 20 minutes worth, but want to add a green stripe so I stopped. And then I got fidgetty.

Don't get me wrong. The team is great on bonding and "there is no I in team" and playing together and making relationships and developing as a person in addition to all the normal sport stuff.

But 2.5 hours to recognize all of that?

Next time I'll bring the green yarn.

(P.S. DD#2 got the Offensive MVP award for JV, so I guess I can handle long awards ceremonies.)

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Lynn said...

So it's more of a ceremony than a banquet! Banquet requires food. And who would have thought you'd knit so much to NEED the green yarn?