Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another inch

We have recently upgraded to Windows 7, and so far, so good. Everything is working okay. Nothing significant is lost.

However, there has still been changes.

I'm trying out the new IE instead of the Avant browser that I used to use. That meant, however, that now my old bookmarks are now merged with my new bookmarks. And you know what that means...I have to repeat all that work of checking old links to see what still works.

Also, I lost my old picture editor and am trying out Picasa3 as both the editor and the picture uploader for Blogger. Things seem to be okay, but the learning curve is a bit steep for my middle-aged brain. Like, I just spent the last 10 minutes figuring out how to edit a picture. It turns out that my screen window wasn't showing the bottom where all the choices were. Huh. Move around the window and all was fixed.

I know, whiny, whiny, whiny. Moving on....

I've decided to knit a bit on the Mirepoix ribbing EVERY DAY until it gets the length necessary. That's the only way it will every get done.

This is what I did today (from the marker).

It's 8 inches now. If I do this much every day (or maybe even half as much), I should be ready for the bodice in another week. (and then it'll be decision time on the colors. I've been ignoring that for as long as possible.)

Of course, I still haven't tried it on, so I might have to start over. But I think not. (At least, I hope not.)
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