Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September roundup

Wow, September, where did you go?

1. The first thing I finished in Sept. was the Easy Lace Shrug for DD#2. It's been worn 3-4 times now, so I'll consider it a hit. (She might just be being nice, but that goes beyond the requisite 1-2 times. I'll go with she actually likes it.) (Sorry for the bad sentence structure. Apparently I need a refresher course. Again.)

2-5. Pink socks. 4 pairs to be exact. One for me and three for Mittens for Akkol.

Two boxes were mailed. One to Mittens for Akkol with 9 pairs of socks and one to CIC with 6 hat and mitten sets and 6 hats.

Wait! Is that it?

Time to finish some UFOs.

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valéria said...

Wait! Is that it?'s more than I do in more done ;o)

take care