Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lots of pink

I've been knitting more socks for charity. Specifically, I wanted to make another pair for Mittens_4_Akkol before they were done with the sock challenge. (And they're a fast bunch of knitters, so I had to hurry.)

In addition, I decided to use up this ball of yarn.

For a large pair, I mixed it with some Patons crazy stripes.

And this is how they turned out!

They're done toe up using the Coriolis sock pattern with 2 strands of sock yarn using size 5 dpns. They're large on my feet, and measure to 27 cm (the size I was aiming for!) (My bookmark--and yes I do have one--doesn't turn up the pattern. It's by Cat Bordhi and was on the DIY show Knitty Gritty.)

They're definitely fraternal, rather than identical.

Here you can see a better view of the Coriolis swirling around the sock. That's where the increases are for the gusset, and then are a decorative element up the leg.

There was yarn leftover, so next I paired it with a Patons black sock yarn. (Note to self: Buy more black sock yarn, it's very useful.)

And look how pretty these turned out:

Magic "32" pattern on size 5 dpns. These measure 17 cm and will also go to Akkol.

Some of the Patons stripes was leftover, so I'm working on another pair, this time pairing it with a Cascade 220.

So far "they" (meaning: I hope there will be a second one) look like this:

Lots of pinks make lots of socks.


Lynn said...

These are really cute!!! I want to use up some of my sock yarns by doubling them, the ones that are a bit thinner than I'd like or using up some of the left overs.....

valeria said...

I just love the way you use up those left overs...a learning point to me ;)