Monday, September 28, 2009

Red and black

If you happened to be reading Cookie A's blog from the last couple of days, you might've seen
-- a summary of Cookie's weekend in So. Maryland. I'm not in any of the group photos, but YOU CAN SEE A PIC OF MY SOCKS!

Give me a moment....

Okay, I'm recovered....

....only to find that I loaded my pictures in reverse order.

Okay, hang on....

...done, and here we go.

The beginning of school started with such a blur that I never made mention of it. One (of the many) reasons is that DD#2 made the high school field hockey team (yea!) that practices 5 times of week (boo!). Her nights are usually a 2.5 hour practice, shower, supper, homework, fall exhausted into bed.

Games have started, and here she is knocking over running past an opponent. (Check out the spectators behind DD's head; I believe one is the fallen girl's mom. Not too happy, do you think?)

(As a side note, that's not really a side note but a very main note: Her winning team's score was 2-0 and she got both goals!)

The main reason I'm showing you this photo, besides the obvious bragging, is that you can see me in the stands. I'm wearing dark purple and I'm knitting a bright pink Lucy bag. Actually, I might be Kitchnering the straps together. Not very easy to do at a sports game, but possible.

As you can see, the school colors are red and black.

Remember my specially dyed sock yarn from last spring? This is what it's for. I plan on making socks and gloves for me to cheer on my kids as they participate on different sports teams. (Assuming they're on sports teams. And so far, it's true.)

I wound up the yarn that made an interesting plaid effect--just like DD's skirt.

It kept going as I kept winding.

DD just walked by and wondered if I had enough pics of the yarn.

Nope, I need one more.

There. Now I have enough.

Next, on to knitting.

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valéria said...

Wow I love those colors, no pain to knit with that and knitting muggles just don't understand that it's very important to show us every side off that gorgeous did it ok...

What part I am at HP audiobooks??? I must admit to my ashame.....I've listened to them all and again, and again..and again...but that's no problem it's easy to put it out again when DH or DS enters the home or I get a phone call as I already know what's coming ;o)