Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Room update

We've continuing to make daily progress on DS#1's room. (We--meaning the DSs but not me. However, I praise their work. And occasionally complain about their socks.)

There is now a second color. Lemon-lime, anyone?

DS#1 was wondering what was the importance of this picture, but didn't feel like moving and so he makes it onto the blog.

This is the next step. The tape is on the walls, and I actually helped. (There are two green walls and two yellow ones.)

DS#2 was taking a nap. He almost never does, so I guess we're wearing him out.

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valéria said...

Uh oh...yep I didn't knew that there should be another color as well....auch....my eyes hurt....dear oh dear....you must love your kids!! ;o)