Sunday, September 27, 2009

A bit scary

I'm still very excited over yesterday's adventure, but have calmed down enough to type in lower case. And, I just want to add that I live out in no-wheres-ville, so the fact that Cookie came to within a half hour of my house was extra exciting. Usually it would be a 1.5-2 hour trek to a big city (like when I went to the Yarn Harlot's book signing).

Anyway, while I was out having fun, my boys were at home working hard. They were busy painting DS#2's bedroom. (Yes, while I was gone and NOT supervising. A bit scary and all.)

We're converting over DD#1's bedroom for DS#2. DD#1's been off at college/summer job for 3 years now while DS has been at home without a room of his own. (Too many pesky older siblings around.) It was time for him to have his own room. For real and not just temporary.

Here's a picture of the room before. (Not that I remembered to take one before they started so I had to look back through all the old pics. Apparently we don't have any of just the room, so I had to crop out the girl in curlers in this pic.)

Check out the BRIGHT royal blue walls and black woodwork. If you look closely, on the woodwork are words written with glow-in-the-dark paint.

If you think this is a good idea, THINK AGAIN!!! IT'S HORRIBLE TO TAKE OFF!!! You have to pick at it and pick at it and then it comes off with the paint and then you have to sand it to make it smooth. Uggh. (She really enoyed it, though for her high school years.)

As I was saying, it was time to move on , so the DSs started painting.

After the woodwork sanding, they primed the walls and painted the ceiling.

(Wow, what an exciting picture!!!)

Then, the first color of paint went on (Yes, I said first. But not last.)

Bright enough for you? Can anyone see it from the road?

I let him choose his colors, just like DD did, but what's wrong with picking a nice, soft, light blue? Nope, not for him.

I've also discovered something a bit disturbing.

Why are there THREE PAIRS of socks by the doorway?

"They're painting socks, mom, so we don't get our feet covered with paint."

"Do you need to put on a new pair of socks every time you paint???? How about putting on the same pair so you only ruin two socks and not a multitude?"

They've been adequately yelled at, so I think that's covered.

Yep, it's a little bit scary.


valéria said...

Perhaps it's a sign that they love your socks so very much??? ;) that they want you to keep at it?

Looks great by me....I've yellow in my living room and it brighten up a lot ;) but I can understand, you've yellow and you've a.....yellow....

Be glad it's not deep purple with glitters ;) hehehe...

Ruth in So. MD said...

Ah, but you don't know what the second color is yet, do you? :)