Saturday, October 11, 2008

Otters and Hew

Today we went to a local museum for a free, fun day. The main attraction for my kids has always been the otters.

DS#2 insisted he didn't remember anything about the museum, including the otters (which made me feel like a bad mom. "You mean you haven't gone for a long enough time that you've forgotten ever being there? You used to beg me to go see the otters.")

DS#2 was okay with posing in this picture:

However, he refused to pose behind this picture. (What a nice blackmail picture that would make. Right, Diane?)

The whole point of taking my camera was really to get a pic of DD#2 in her finished Hew shrug, which I thought I totally had forgot to do. However, this picture does show a pretty nice view. (I'll provide more pictures later....)

(We're at the top of a lighthouse in a really cramped area, and that's my friend who went with us. I was backed up as far as I could go to take the picture from that far away.)

The sweater was finished last night and DD#2 wore it today and is really happy with it. Me too!

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Diane said...

That picture would have been soooo great to put on something special .... like a sweet 16 birthday cake .... or a 30th birthday billboard along a highly traveled highway.