Friday, October 31, 2008

Made it!

It's still October and I've finished the baby blanket. It did start going faster as the rows got shorter. Of course, that's the way things work--but it didn't seem any quicker for quite a while. Sitting through two hours of basketball tryouts twice this week (for DD#2) helped me knit way quicker--it was as nervewracking for the parents as it was for the kids (and we all know that nervousness=knitting quickness). OK, maybe it was more nervewracking for the girls, since we weren't the ones being judged, but it sure seemed just as bad. (DD made the first level of cuts from 32 girls to 17 and will know the end results on Sat. Either way there will bound to be mixed feelings as she has enough friends trying out that they can't all make it. But it would be nice.)

The points didn't end up the same color so it's not totally symetrical, but that's fine since I wasn't aiming for that anyway.

Ta-da! Big stripes to small stripes and back to big again.

3 skeins Bernat Baby Jaquards, 346 yds each, "I'm a Big Boy" colorway. hehe.
Size 8 needles, knitting a normal washcloth pattern until 200 stitches wide and then back down. This makes a soft and squishy blanket.

I like it!


Cactusneedles said...

I like the stripe pattern. Sounds like an easy baby blanket!

JakkiMitch said...

What? It only took [less than?] two weeks to finish the baby blanket?

I just finished one, but took two months!

I like the "Big Boy" colors/stripes!