Thursday, October 23, 2008

More garter

Over the weekend I started a new baby afghan. This is the same as before: just like a garter stitch dishcloth only larger. This time, though, I'm using Bernat Baby Jaquard on size 8 needles. See how the stripes are getting smaller as the width gets wider?

As long as they don't disappear altogether, I think it's going to be quite interesting.

I'm making this blog post short tonight ('cause I'm cooking dinner and all), but as I loaded up the blanket picture I noticed that I never loaded up a couple of others.

So here they are.

Here is the yarn I bought when I took my son as a companion to the yarn store. (Just call me crazy). I bought this yarn to make a wedge scarf. Actually two wedge scarves as it seems to have almost double the yardage.

This is Schaefer Yarn Nancy and the color is called Julia Child. Interesting, huh? It comes with a little bio about Ms. Child and notes that her kitchen is on display at the Smithsonian. I've actually seen it there, although not for as long as I'd like, due to the "come on, mom" children, and all.

I need about 360 yards for the scarf and this skein has 600 yards, so I figured that I could split it and make two. Here it is with the high tech gadget called "the pencil" holding my place as I count the number of strands.

The next thing I did was wind up half the strands in a ball and mark the center of the two halves. Then I proceeded to knit the scarf using more than half the yarn, so this was all for nothing. Pictures later. (I know, promises, promises.)

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valéria said...

I like the colors you choose, and should also start on that blanket.

Just too much to do right now. MIL is coming over here today...bummer...there goes my knitting time and she and I aren't the best friends so keep me in your thoughts that I will shut up and just keep the peace for DH and DS? Because if it was just let not think about it, she's just a pain in the but...Ok enough ranting. You go quick woman...I don't even try it anymore to keep up with you ;o)

Hugs and take care.
Valeria :o)