Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why taking pictures makes me crazy

In my little brain, it seems like if I take a picture then the picture should look like the real object. Oh, not so. There are so many factors involved (things like lighting and background and speed and lots of other things that I don't even know about.)

Just the fact of changing the background can really change the look of a color. Take a look at my (newly finished!) mittens photos. Not one looks close to the correct colors. The two on the green binder were taken only at a different angle, and the tan background is actually a chocolate brown bedspread.

The last one was retouched to get the closest I can to the real colors (but it's still not that good.)

Yep, going slightly crazy (but have a new pair of mittens finished.)

The baby blanket (knit like a huge dishcloth) is also done. And shown on my new chocolate bedspread that I actually bought to be a couch slipcover. (It's not wide enough, but that's problem for another day.)

(See my lonely spinning wheel in the corner? It misses me, I think. Maybe I'll spin something soon.)

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valéria said...

pretty mittens and yep same over here with getting the colors right on the photo's. Well I sometimes think just let it go. It's fine and go for the photo that's nearest to what color it is and it's fine by me ;-) I'm easy :-D

And that's a great baby blanket. I've found me some pretty yarn and saved the pattern from that dishcloth so will try that out soon after I've finished my 4TH!!! bsj. I'm totaly hooked on that. I've lots of fun with the pattern you send as you can see so a great thank you again for all you sended :-) I'm still enjoying it a lot and am still saving the yarn for myself so have to find the perfect sockpattern or make one myself. That will have to wait untill my father is out of hospital. He has become very ill and had to be taken to the hospital because of dehydration (is that the right word?) and now he's very weak but he has a great will power so I think he'll be fine soon.

Take care and have a great day :-)