Monday, July 14, 2008

Snowmen mittens

My mittens are done! I must admit that when I saw I had to do embroidery (as cute as it might be), I was tempted to put it off. But, I persisted through it and now they're done.

Little snowmen!

Although the yellow set look more like little chicks to me.


valéria said...

Ahw....they're very cute! yes I was asleep when you commented on my blog, it was about 4:45 when the mail got in my box and now it's 6:45 over here and yep as you see I'm awake ;-) and think you're asleep now??? Have a very nice day when you read this and love the mittens.

:-) take care.

Lynn said...

OMG those are adorable!! Greatjob!

Diane said...

Just catching up on some long overdue blog reading. These mittens are adorable. What a cute idea to make them extra special.