Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why I should knit mittens one at a time

(Or, I can never pay enough attention to follow directions correctly the first time.)

I've been working on my Mystery Mittenz. They're toddler sized, so I figured I can do two pair at a time while waiting for the next clue.

Bad idea.

I can't seem to follow directions.

Even though I knit left handed with the throwing method, I usually don't have problems with charts. I just follow along like a right handed person, going from right to left on the chart, and ignoring the fact that it doesn't logically make sense, and it ends up right. This time, however, I didn't. I read the chart from left to right and so twisted the cables the wrong way.

(Insert picture of screwed up cables. Oh, wait, I didn't take one. Okay, then, just use your imagination.)

Since fellow knitters are posting the progress pictures, I was able to see that duh! I did it wrong. On four mittens. Sometimes I can fix the mistake by just ripping out a couple of stitches and knitting them back up. But it was too far back and they're just toddler sized, after all.

Clue #4 was out by now, so I ripped the first mitten back to the cable (at the very beginning of the clue, of course.) Fixed clue #3 and continued through clue #4. Did the same on mitten #2. Then..... I noticed that I also did clue #4 wrong. On two mittens.

This means that by the time I caught up, I have knitted clue #3 EIGHT times and clue #4 SIX times.

Just think how mittens I could have done now if I hadn't made mistakes!

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valéria said...

I think you did just fine by ripping, it would have bothered you and the further on to finishing you would not be happy so next time you'll be just fine and will knit those mittens like on an afternoon ;-)

They look very pretty, I'm knitting the second mitten now from my handspun yarn and will have to block them but it's great to do and will post about it on my blog. I think I'll do that tomorrow :-) Have a great day and take care :-)