Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mittenz #6

For pair #6, I decided to make a fair isle pair. These are made top down and in the round. The pattern was for a snowflake on the mitten's back. When I got to the chart, the directions just said to follow the chart.

Ummm... am I missing something? How do you do a fair isle pattern that's in the round and the pattern is only on one side of the mitten? (here's the pattern if you want to take a look.)

These are the only options that I'm aware of:
1. Knit them flat, not in the round, and then the white yarn is available as needed.
2. Cut the white each row with ends to weave in. (Ahhh---that makes my head hurt just thinking about it.)
3. Carry the white back to the beginning of the row for the next time. That crosses 12 stitches, so there would be big floats on the inside.

That's the only things I could think of. Are there others?

I decided to just put a pattern on the palm also, to eliminate those problems.

That way I just knitted around and around with no big floats and not tons of ends to weave in.

I think they turned out fine, and the pattern was fun, but what was I supposed to do?

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valéria said...

Hi ruth, yep the mittens look pretty. Love them.
I think you should have taken the yarn with you. What I do when I've many MC stitches and the CC is running with it is as follows.

I knit continental/german or what they call throw wise. In right hand is the MC and in the left hand I'm leading the CC. After you've knitted about three stitches with the MC you keep the CC behind the next stitch and when you put your needle in the stitch the CC will be not knitted but behind the tread that makes the stitch from the MC.

Oh hope it makes sense. If not I'll make some photo's of what I mean. Just let me know.

I think you got a great solution and as I said love your mittens ;-)

Take care and many dutch greetings from valeria :-)