Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ravelympics and a Hat

Anyone doing the Ravelympics? If so, what teams are you on and what are you making? For those not already familiar with the Ravelympics, they are knitting "competitions" run by Ravelry that take place entirely during the Olympics. You basically sign up by saying what you'll be making within the Olympic timespan (I believe it's 17 days), and then doing so. (That's the hard part.)

I really wasn't sure if I was going to participate. I didn't want to commit to anything. Until....I remembered that I still have 5 pairs of Magic 28 socks left to do before I hit the magic number of...28. (Here's me, explaining the obvious again.)

My event will be the Gift Knits Pentathlon, since I'm doing 5 pairs of socks that will be gifts (most likely all for CIC). I'm also doing them all from stash, so maybe I should join a stash team.

It doesn't feel like quite enough knitting to make me really push myself, but I'm afraid that if I add another project I might have to join Team Hopelessly OverCommitted.

This knitting cannot commence until the opening ceremonies on August 8. In the meantime, I present a hat.

Why a hat? I suppose it's because I ran in to a partial skein of yarn of Lionbrand Homespun that said "I would make a nice hat". There's no other explanation than that.

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Diane said...

I'm doing the olympics working for Team Bravo Whores. We're making hot tranny mess dishcloths. Should be interesting since they don't have to be usable.