Monday, July 21, 2008

More mitten knitting

I went on a road trip this past weekend. Now, most road trips for me involve several hours in a car which equal prime knitting time.

This time, I was the driver with only one passenger. Some people would consider letting an 11 yr. old drive rather bad parenting, and I'm quite sure we wouldn't have reached our destination. Therefore, I didn't knit in the car. (Did I really need that last statement, or could you tell where I was going? Obviously, I like to over-explain myself.)

I knit about 2 rows on the baby blanket all weekend, so I'll spare you the picture. If you really want to look at it again, just scroll down to my previous entry and imagine that it's two rows longer. (The blanket's pattern is just the same as the basic washcloth pattern...but really big. This is the actual pattern that I used. )

However, since I've been home I've finished two pairs of mittens (one started earlier--I don't knit that fast.)

These are mittens that are using up my bits and pieces of yarn that are laying around.

The first pair used a bigger skein of yellow plus oddballs of various shades of purple and teal. The yarn is wool so the ends were spit spliced together to keep the ends to a minimum.

For the second pair, I laid out so yarn in various shades in a somewhat planned order. I thought I would need this much for a pair of mittens.

I only needed this much.

With the yarn left I can make another pair!

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valéria said...

They look very nice the mittens and ehm...yeah great that you didn't knit while driving ;-) I also overexplain myself so totaly understand you :-D

Thank you for the link to the dishcloth pattern. I don't understand the dishcloth thing in america. At first I use a dishwasher ;-) And we use a brush over here to do our dishes. Then we've some cloths we use to clean the sink and earea from the kitchen but that are never knitted ones just bought ones that we can wash or throw away.

Have a great day :-)