Monday, March 13, 2006

A true knitter

Here's more of my crafty DD#2's products:

A pink bunny that she gifted to a friend.

A matching set of scarfs (one to go to the friend who will soon be moving.)

Here's her book report project. She was told to make a diorama of her book, "The Summer of the Swans." I suggested drawings (thinking....we want to get done with this as soon as possible....), but she elected to do polymer clay figures. Notice the girl with her orange tennis shoes and her brother who is listening to his watch--that's an important part of the story, plus the swans, of course. It's amazing how much detail she used.

This same daughter has recently almost completed a red bunny, didn't like the way it looked, and threw it in the garbage. Ah....a true knitter. :)

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Carol Ann said...

Those bunnies are sooooo cute; I just want to reach out and pet 'em!