Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bookend boys

Here's the bookends of our family. So-called because there are 2 girls in-between.

First is our youngest on the celebration of his 9th birthday! This will be the last year that we'll have a kid in the single digits. We managed to fit in his birthday celebration before the basketball games (but don't tell the coach that he only had ice cream cake for lunch. :)

Here's the eldest. Since it's now baseball season, here's the obligatory pitching picture.

He's on spring break, which doesn't mean a week off, but rather it means a week of baseball. He did get Monday off, though, since they won the previous several games so he made a quick trip home.

One of the first things he said to me after arriving home was "hey, did you paint the cabinet handles? They look good!" I'm so excited--I guess you can tell the difference.

The next best thing was "thanks Sooooooooooo much, mom, for doing my laundry!" A little appreciation every now and then does a world of good. (and may get your laundry done next time, too!)

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