Monday, March 06, 2006

My Day

Yikes! First, some apologies are in order if you're looking at this first thing in the morning. I was aiming for greens, but these certainly are wake-you-up colors.

Here are highlights of my day.

1. There are now TWO sleeves. They have cables, and are rolling in at the bottom (no, they're not that skinny.)

2. There is a beginning of a neck. On the correct size needles. I think.

3. There's a mess in my kitchen. Whoever decided to take down the doors, paint the handles and hinges, and LEAVE IT IN A MESS should be ashamed.

Oh, wait. That's me.

(We won't even talk about my idea of holding the hinge while painting it. With spray paint. The fumes got to my thinking. I now have a well-deserved black thumb.)

However, I was not the one who decided to bake cookies for a math project, moving all around the mess, and leaving a bunch of pans and bowls and measuring instruments. (Hopefully the cookies that I snuck won't hurt her grade.)

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