Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 27: Ready for my medal

I figure that anything finished before or on day 16 is a gold medal, the next day is a silver, the next a bronze.....

So what's on day 27, 11 days after the closing ceremony? Maybe metal-colored plastic?

Anyway, I'm done, it fits, and the sweater is blocking. (If you can call it that. I washed it, SPUN IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE--let me tell you what a scary 2 minutes that was, then lay it on the towel to dry. No pins, and minimal finger pressing.)

Yet again, you can see monstrously long sleeves, but this time they go with my monstrously long arms.

We're having a heat wave right now, so I think I'll pray for at least one more day of cold, sweater-wearing weather before spring!

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