Sunday, July 24, 2005

Rats, foiled again

This post was supposed to be titled "I TOLD YOU SO!". I've been waiting til DD#1 got home from camp to tell her that. Picking up from my last post, who uses a heavy winter quilt in the middle of the summer, anyway?

So, I picked her up last night, heard about the 7 hours practice every day, the amount of running, sweating, playing, sweating, eating and sweating that they did.

Waited for the perfect moment, then innocently asked, "So....did you use the quilt at all?"

"Oh, yes, I'm so GLAD I brought it. Everyone loved it, and at night it was so COLD!"

Rats, foiled again.

My "other-than-knitting" project for the week is to put together these blocks of a granny square afghan. I've found some cool HTML code from nonaknits. Hold your cursor over the picture, and the afghan blocks will be revealed.

How cool is that?

I do have all the squares, but in my haste to remove the blanket without moving my feet, I swept one or two away. These blocks have been accumulating over the years and it's now time to put them together and donate it to a needy organization.

In knitting news, here's a picture of my Saxon Braid Scarf. I keep reporting that I've done "another inch", so I thought I'd show how all those inches add up.

Here's what I'm doing with the baby alpaca. It's the beginning of a Clapotis, although I'm skeptical that it will cooperate on the dropped stitches. I know it should be done with different yarn and brighter colors, but somehow this appealed to me.


Allena said...

that pix trick was cool! your afgan is going to look great!

nona said...

Love your photo trick -- the afghan squares are beautiful, reminds me of a quilt.

Davina said...

Neat trick. It's going to look great!!