Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cookie energy

I"m finally braving the superslow cyberspace to post in my blog today. Between the teenagers who are home over the summer and seem to think they can use the net, summertime activities, and the superslow movement of the computer (did I mention it was superslow?) I haven't been blogging.

However, I've taken a couple of pictures.

Here's one to show my Clapotis. Actually, it's showing the stitch holders that occur every SIX stitches. That might be normal to some, but to me it's an unusual occurance.

If I'm paying attention, it's not too bad, but when I'm cheering at DS#1's baseball game, it's dangerous. I didn't drop a stitch, but by the time the 3rd holder flew off and I had to find it on the bleacher amidst peanut shells, I decided to pack it away.

Here's how the Clapotis looks now. I've started the dropped stitch rows--look at the upper left corner. I think I'm about halfway done, and I have my yarn in a black bag so I can't see if I have enough left. Time to worry about that later.

I also over-dyed some gold yarn. That's the gold showing through, and I overdyed it with burgandy, blue, and green. This is for my first pair of charity longies so I hope it turns out well.

Here's the soakers and longies that I've been working on. Lots of variegated variety. :)

I've also been baking cookies today. This is a yummy peppermint patty.

I was going to call it quits, but I just ate the cookie. Hmmm, I wonder why I have so much energy? Maybe I'll go wind some yarn!

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Iris said...

Love the soakers and longies! Such fun colors.