Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Camp and stuff

Here's my LYS sale purchases. I spent about an hour in the store going back and forth, what to buy....what to buy....

The sock yarn was an easy decision. So was the red fluff. That wasn't even my decision--that's DD#2's yarn--a reward for going with me. As you can see, she's started on a scarf already.

The baby alpaca was my splurge. It's gorgeous yarn, so soft and warm. It's not at all feminine, but I'm still hoping it will make a nice shawl for the winter (or the summer air conditioning!)

We worked madly on the quilts for the past week, and here they are in their completed state.

I've decided that I can never be a quilter--it takes way too much patience. Even this simple pattern: 4" blocks, sewn in strips, and the strips offset so points didn't need to match was too much for me. Both DD's worked on theirs a lot, and DD#1 did almost all of the work herself. Up to the tieing it together that was done late last night, when she pleaded with me to do it until I gave in. She had to have it today to go to a sports camp.

I tried "It's summer! It's HOT! Why do you need a heavy quilt?" But it didn't work. She seems to think that the air conditioning will be enough to need this quilt. Who am I to argue, though, when my thoughts are all about shawls, and scarves, and sweaters, and wool socks?

Off she went this morning armed with her quilt and this pile of flip flops and yarn (yes, we have a red fluff theme going on here.)

This is another project that was supposed to get done, but didn't. (No matter how much pleading was done, I wasn't about to start making fuzzy flip flops at 11:30 at night!)

She plans on doing these in her spare moments.


Besides quilting, if you can call it that, I've also done a bit of knitting: two soakers and a pair of CIC socks, and dyed some yarn.

Now if only someone would clean my house!

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