Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sale distractions

This arrived at my house late last week.

A sale. A BIG sale. At my LYS.

I had big plans, but they got slightly hampered by this.

This is the beginnings of flannel quilt that will be DD#2's, although DD#1's is coming next. We're doing the simplest of patterns: 4" blocks, sewn in a row, then offset with the next row to hid any uneven-ness.

This quilt, while fun, has been taking up time and money that was to be spent at the sale. (especially money :) I'm hoping to get there soon, with some $$, and in the meantime have been researching my "want-to-make" list for yarn requirements. Never hurts to be prepared.

I've done barely any knitting lately--just a couple of inches on my Saxon braid scarf, which looks just like the last couple of inches, so I'll skip the picture.

While the sewing machine was out, I also fixed the zipper of a pair of shorts of DS#1.

Please mom? They're my favorites!

But honey, you understand that I can never make it look as good. Getting it closed will be the best that you can hope for.

Please, mom?

How can one say no? So I did it. Broke my last good needle, and ended up sewing with a needle used for silk or something fine like that. The eye of the needle was so fine I had to take the needle out of the sewing machine to thread it, then replace it without twisting the thread. All of this was under a time constrant. (Self-imposed. If I put it off, maybe he will forget. Nope.)

Turned out ok....better than expected, actually.

Back to planning for new yarn!

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