Sunday, July 10, 2005

Monster feet!

It's monster feet!

Oh, wait, it's felted clogs, my mistake. The variegated yarn (knit 2 strands together), turned out a nice speckled effect, didn't it?

Can you guess what this is?

scroll down

scroll down

(how annoying is this?)

That's right, it's a short toed socklet, knit from this pattern, the English version.

I've knit the 2nd one also, but now my feet are dirty, so a pic of one will have to do.

DD#1 said, "You' actually...wear PUBLIC......are you?"
DD#2 said, "I can't believe you're actually going to wear that!" (meaning I'm way too old and un-hip.)

Ah....I've found another way to embarass my children!


Jill said...

I absolutely love the short toed socklets! But what I really love is that you are planning to use them to embarass your kids. So totally cool and HIP!

*-_Anita_-* said...

hello! I love that thing for the foot!
I actually found this blog because I was looking images of "barbie my scene" in google. It's seems like you made a poncho for a my scene doll. so cool!