Saturday, January 29, 2005

Around and around and around we go.....

Here's my sock in a semi-completed form. It's really done except for weaving in the ends, except that I need to re-do it. I spent a whole day working on short heels of the right side. Finally got it right with scrap yarn, went back and knit on the sock, and messed up the left side. Back to the scrap yarn.... and around, and around, and around..... I wish I kept count--it's must been 20 times. Finally got both sides to match (whether they're right or not is a different story....) Finished the cuff. Hmmm....the heel's too short. Gotta rip out the cuff to put 2 more heel rows. Plus, the ribbing at the top is kinda loose. Need to reknit that on smaller needles anyway.

Speaking of ripping out.....started over on DS's hat again, this time adding 13 stitches. Well, it's now large enough for my head, but it's double thickness (Allison's NYC Street Cap), so I don't think it'll be big enough when it gets done. And I made such progress today--it was the perfect thing to take to DD#2's basketball doubleheader. (Who ever heard of a 4th grader playing 2 full games in a row? Although they did win both.)

Amongst all that frogging, I did have a couple of packages arrive. First this super-soft, handdyed merino yarn from They're for custom soakers, so have to take priority over the sock and hat. Gee, too bad....

Today I received this beautiful "spun in the grease" wool from Marilyn. There's also another, larger skein that I got to set the twist! (Don't ask me to explain that, I just blindly following instructions.)

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