Monday, January 24, 2005

What to do when it snows....

Knit! What else?

I have five Children in Common (CIC) vests done and in the mail today. They were rather addictive! Taking about a day to do each one, I kept thinking "hey, I have time/yarn for another!" The bottom three crazy striped ones were made from Reynolds Lopi that I found in a thrift store. The top two were done with a worsted and combined with a lighter weight wool yarn. The one with the fish on the pocket was my favorite. I dyed the grey yarn using blue,green, and purple Wilton's icing colors for the fish and water.

After finishing the vests I was at a standstill--no UFOs in sight. Time to cast on for socks. I've only done top down socks before, so decided to try Kim Salazar's Firefighters socks . Did the Figure-8 Cast-on for the first time (Okay, for the first thru fourth times, but I did get it finally.) Here's a picture showing how the cast-on looks after several rows, then after it's been tightened up. All that, and no Kitchnering involved!


Marguerite said...

The little vests are so colorful and happy looking. The fish one is my favorite, too.

Aren't they fun to play around with?

Laura said...

Wow! The fish pocket! And the waves! That vest is really cute. Great job.