Thursday, January 27, 2005


I have not one, not two, but three things in timeout. First is the knitting needle that DD and I so happily made several days ago. Got stepped on. Bought a replacement dowel rod--but..... how to remove the old one?--it was superglued.

Next is my toe-up sock. The wraps on the heel just don't want to cooperate. I knit, and frogged, and knit, and frogged. Got out separate needles and yarn and knit and frogged. Found different toe-up directions and knit and frogged. Finally decided to try the real thing again. Better, but not great. So last night I decided to keep going and started the ladder ribbing. Now by the light of day..... It's still in timeout.

The third item is a new hat for DS#1. He emailed me "mom, can you make me a hat?" (He's at college. We really do speak when he's in the same house.) Ah.... music to my ears. You betcha! His specifications:
".....dont worry about putting little balls or tassel's on it, just make it a straight up hat....if i could chose a color, id like navy blue and black. you can make any design on it you want as long as it isnt like kiddie cartoons or my name." Why did he feel the need to warn me not to put kiddie cartoons on an 18yo's hat? I dunno. Maybe I should put Mickey Mouse. or Tommy from the RugRats, or Bullwinkle on his hat just for spite!

But that's not the reason it's in timeout. I've been knitting and knitting, and it finally got long enough to try on. his head smaller than mine? Measured it against a hat here that's too small for him--and it's the same diameter. Rats! Hence timeout.

I was complaining to this same DS about 2 hats that I had to completely reknit in less than a week. He said "There ought to be some way to check to see if you're making the right size before knitting the whole thing." Well....ummm.....errrrrrrr.......there's called making a gauge swatch. But in each case I have a good reason! Really! How do I know if a 15" diameter hat is going to fit on my 23" head unless I make it? Especially when it's knit top down?

On to good news:
I've been stalking the mailbox for 3 days now, and my brand new roving has arrived! No, I don't spin, but I'm meaning to try. Now that it's in the house, though, I'm afraid to start. So it's been sitting for two days while I get up my nerve. Plus I cut the end of my thumb. Cutting a bagel. While saying "don't cut your thumb, don't cut your thumb, owww, I just cut my thumb!"

That's Jasper inspecting my roving.

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