Friday, January 21, 2005

Shawling around

I made my first shawl for me using 2 skeins of this yarn called "Sublime". We have a brandnew AC Moore in the area, and it so exciting to see some wool! This is 78% Mohair and 13% wool and knit up lickety-split. I've been debating getting a third ball and making it bigger. Or maybe fringe? It's patiently waiting until I reach a decision. And who knows how long THAT will be. Making decisions has never been my strong points. Stewing endlessly over decisions--now THAT'S where I excel!

DH says that this blog sounds like I'm talking to myself. That's right! Why not do it on the computer? I do it in the car all the time! (and in the shower, and while washing dishes, and...well, you get the idea.) (I do?) (Yes, you do.)

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