Saturday, January 22, 2005

What can I say, I'm a leftie!

So, it was a couple of days after Christmas with nothing to knit. Thought I'd try this cool pattern for a Nautilus hat 'cause, after all, I need a hat! Plus, the more I work with wool, the more I need a wool hat! There are different sizes to this hat, but since my head is huge--doesn't fit any store bought hats, that I needed to make an XL size. So I cast on with Cascade 220 in Christmas Red. I knit the whole hat, put it on, and voila! It was too big. So, this time I went with the pattern and made the Large size. Fits great! Love it! Hey, wait, the spirals spin IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!! Yep, that's right. I didn't realize it until I completely knit the hat TWICE! Being a leftie, I still find that most things turn out okay if I just follow the directions as stated. I don't switch much around, other than things like Left front, right front. Socks turn out okay this way. But not the spirals. Hmm...I wonder what else doesn't actually turn out as okay as I think it does?

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