Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love January

What? More Finished Objects?  Will wonders never cease???

I've loved January this year.  Not much to do (other than sports, of course.  Basketball and FUTSAL have been going full force.  Oh, and baseball open gym has started at 6am twice a week, 'cause that's what the kids really want to do is get up 90 minutes earlier twice a week and get a full workout before school.)

Now where was I?  That's right.  I wasn't complaining, but rather telling you how much I've enjoyed January.  The Christmas decorations have been put away, the rooms have been straightened up, piles of papers have been sorted, I've cooked here and there, work happens at a slower pace, and I've even had a couple of days off.

There's also been plenty of time to knit and I've taken that opportunity to just knit whatever I felt like.

In this case, it's been a couple of baby blankets.  I'm working on another pattern for M4A, and couldn't do just one.

You've seen them in progress before, but now they are completed.  Here's a two-colored version:

And a three-colored version:

If it wasn't for the fact that the baby house doesn't need any more afghans I'd just keep on making them. As it is, though, I guess I'll stop and work on something else.

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Lynn said...

I really like these blankets!!!! You did a great job!