Saturday, October 31, 2009

Being myself

We don't really "do" Halloween at our house, but usually go to our church's fall festival where the kids play games, win prizes, and get candy. This year they also had a costume contest.

I wasn't allowed to go as myself (said the kids), so about an hour before we left I was thinking...

What can I do to easily take my knitting with me?

And I decided to go as an Obsessed Knitter.

Easy costume...I just went around putting on one of everything I've made. (I chose a short sleeved sweater since I knew that all that other wool would make me hot.) And, as every knitter knows, nothing that you knit for yourself matches, so neither did I.

The best part? I took my knitting with me (that's my "nothing-at-all" scarf that has grown quite larger.) It was actually quite a good way to knit a scarf and I got quite a lot done over the course of the evening.

So....maybe it was a costume, or maybe it was just me being myself. You decide.
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valeria said...

You forgot to mention that you had also differend socks on...dobby like ;o) *(shhhhhh socks on needles....I know you're calling to me we'll talk...without ruth noticing...don't worry)* what's there ?? oh ruth, hey you already look hot cheeks and I think you were very I mean into halloween mood.... ;o)