Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Place the State, round the corner

I've checked out a few more knitting links, but then I moved on to this Place the State game. (I guess you call it a game, it might just be called "how dumb are you today?)

Anyway, I used to do this every couple of days, just to see if I got any better. The basic idea is to place a state in the correct place in the USA. I've found that it all depends on what order they come in.

If I get several easy, coastal states to begin with, it's easier to fill in the rest. But to start with a boxy state like Colorado or Wyoming that doesn't attach to any border, and forget it! I even had trouble with Indiana, and I know where it is. (I've even gotten Maryland wrong--I attached it to the wrong peninsula).

How can you do?

In knitting news, I've rounded the corner, or rather, the heel, of the first 6th Sense sock.

The yarn is very dense and springy and is knitting up a nice sock. The heel is a garter stitch short row heel that has wraps, but no picking up of them. Lovely.

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Marguerite said...

Thanks for the link. I got 84% which is better than I expected. The northern East coast is my worst area. And, yah, those square states in the middle of the country were a bit off to start as well.

The socks are very pretty. Love the colors as the days progress to monochome around here in Michigan.