Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where things get rather messy

I have two projects going on at home, and let's just say....

they're rather messy.

The first are the I-cord gloves from nonaKnits.

Here are thumbs.

Here are the other eight fingers, skewered on a dpn. They're in order and the same type (i.e. the pinkies) are pinned together in hopes I don't forget what's what.

Here are all 10 fingers, ready for the joining.

But I'm nervous, so I've been putting it off. What if the fingers aren't the right length? Or what if they're all right but one humongously long index finger? What if I really want each tip to start with red, rather than the haphazard way they were done?

In-between knitting fingers, I've also finally started my Curve of Pursuit afghan. I've been wanting to do this pattern for a couple of years, and finally decided to make one to go in my living room.

Picking up the stiches around the square gave me fits, though, and I had to do it several times until it was passable. I'm using 3 size 3 circular needles, but soon will need to buy a 4th pair.

Look at all those ends to weave in! This will definitely be my least favorite part of the project!

1 comment:

valéria said...

Aaarrrrgghhhhh...the horror....all those threads....Oh my Ruth what are you doing??? It's early in the morning over here and I can tell you I want to go to bed now....hide underneath my pillow.

Perhaps it's an idea to darn threads away although not ready? Just to keep up instead off doing it as last job??? Darn when you go....Just a tip ;o)

Are the fingers from the gloves on thread to keep the stitches alive?? so you can knit them in the handpiece??

I think I've seen this pattern somewhere...I'll google/ravel this.

Take care and don't let me see those scary photo's again will you??? ;o) (just kidding)