Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black hole

Lately, I've been organizing. Not my yarn, but my patterns. First I worked on the printed patterns. You know, the ones that you print out, lay down on the desk on top of all the others that have accumulated.

They were sorted, stapled, hole-punched, and put in the correct binder. The "socks" binder has the most patterns. What does that say about my knitting? (I know. I like to knit socks. Sorry, it's late. Moving on.)

Now, I've moved on to checking my knitting links to see if they still work. (What a black hole that is!) The 'net is moving pretty quickly at the moment so I thought I'd do it while the going's good. It's quite amazing how many links no longer work. (And how many I never categorized further than under "knitting". That's a wide open subject.)

Here's a couple of links I just finished checking:

Nonaknits tutorial on Japanese short rows and a random stripe generator.

There's just time to check a couple more links before bed!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Oh yes, those elusive links that no longer work. Or the links that come up and make you think what was I thinking?!? Good for you on organizing. There have been so many cute patterns I want to try, but I never seem to find them when I'm in the mood to start something new.....