Saturday, September 06, 2008


Run-on sentences, one of my favorite ways to write. (And I love sentence fragments, just like the last sentence. And sentences that start with "and".)

Run-on sentences can be fused sentences that just keep going without any end with the different ideas and clauses all smooshed together without punctuation which makes the reader want to quit and go knit somewhere in a quiet corner away from all the fusing.

Run-on sentences can also be comma-spliced, it only has a comma between two clauses.

Is anyone thinking about spit splicing right about now?

Fusing, comma splicing and spit splicing all just seem to go together.

I would show you pictures of the completed Waffles for Brunch (I love that name!), but my camera battery has died. I'll charge it up and get it ready for tomorrow.

Today is a nice relaxed day. Hurricane Hannah is coming up the coast, so we're just staying home and staying out of the rain. We're only expecting lots of rain and wind and maybe losing electricity. I'm getting my computer work out of the way so I can spend the afternoon reading and knitting.

We're taking showers and filling up trash cans with water to flush the toilets. Speaking of which... My daughter told me of a big argument she got into with a friend. The question was this:

Can you flush a toilet when the electricity goes off?

They were each emphatic witht their answers, my daughter saying "no--only once which will use up the water in the tank" and her friend saying "yes--it causes no problems". They ended up taking a poll of their friends, even texting ones from home. Half said "yes" and half said "no".

It turned out that they were both right. My daughter and her friends all had well water, and electricity is needed to pump the water to flush the toilet. Her friend and friends all had city water, so no electricity was needed.

Isn't it funny how sure you can be about an answer and be right and wrong at the same time?

I'm off to take a shower, do some knitting, and maybe flush the toilet. :)

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valéria said...

Oh I do hope you'll be just fine and only rain and a small bit of wind is just fine but no lose of power or that kinda stuf ;o)

I just thought...well that's stupid...of course it's not using power to flush a toilet but as you said...I thought I was right but....yes if you need electicity to use the well it's right too to not being able to flush with no power.

It's not like that over here in holland. I can't think of anyone using power to pump up water for the home. Interesting :o)and also makes me think about how spoiled I am....
Take care :o)