Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hurricanes, GI Joes, and Waffles for Brunch

Yesterday, when I was done blogging, I went to take my shower (trying to keep up-to-date and all.) DS#2 filled the trash cans in the bathrooms for flushing. I was telling DH of all my preparedness for the hurricane when he says,

"You know, it's passed by already."

"What do you mean it's passed by already? I'm not done getting prepared."

"What can I tell you, the hurricane moved quicker than you thought."

"Okay, well I'm taking a shower anyway, even if I don't have to. So there."

So, nothing much happened around here. We had one branch down in our yard, and it was a dead one at that, so it was time for it to go. (Am I allowed to have three independent clauses in one sentence even if I separated them correctly? I'm thinking not.)

We had electricity; hence, we had flushing of the toilets. (Ooooh, fancy, a semicolon plus a conjunctive adverb.)

The saved water didn't just sit around and do nothing, however. It seemed to become a diving pool for some GI Joes (which, as we all know, are action figures and not dolls.)

My first clue that something was going on was looking at the shower wall and thinking, "why is it so wet? No one took a shower here today. And then I looked up.

Okay, now I get it.

The fact that DH and DS#2 had a long discussion about it today: the way that the Joes can dive to achieve minimum splash and the probability of them reaching the bottom lead me to believe that I'm the only adult living at this house. (And even that is questionable.)

Here's a photo of my second finished Waffles-for-Brunch sweater. (I bet you thought I forgot about knitting, didn't you?)

Pattern is here. It's a very fast knit with a very nice process. The yarn is Lamb's Pride bulky in a hunter green (the color on the last set of pics is way more accurate). Needles are whatever sized the pattern called for. (Meaning, I'm too lazy to walk to the other room right now. I think they were 10's?)

The stitch pattern is 6 sts wide by 6 rows tall. That would be fun to try out a different stitch pattern and see how it comes out.

Now, if I was taking a composition course rather than a grammar course, it would teach me how to write a concluding sentence. However, I'm not. So I don't have one.

Maybe I should take a course in Random Thoughts. Now THAT I would get an "A" in!


valéria said...

Glad to read that you weren't affected by that hurricane. I think you knit very fast as I see all the projects you finish and make...amazing.

Yep action dolls...hehehe...they're cute. I'm glad my DS didn't find this one out (eh...yet)...He plays with action man but didn't find out the bathroom to that. I just find them outside in the swimmingpool (well a very small one that is...just for kids) and they dive in there but that's ok.

Hope you've a great day. Take care :o)

Diane said...

GI Joe discussions are best left to the men of your household. We women just don't get it. That's ok because they don't understand why we need 4 blue long sleeve henley shirts. Hello!!! This one has white buttons, this one has grey, this one is deep navy blue, and that one is a lighter navy blue. Duh!

I love your waffle sweater. Looks so warn and cozy.