Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's perfect about it?

Today, I present to you some pictures of my current knitting project, as brought to you by a recent grammar lesson: verb tenses.

A word of note: I realize that when I write, I shouldn't be changing tenses, but I should tell the story using one tense. However, I'm practicing my conjugation so just bear with me.

Present Tense:
I knit
you knit
he,she,it knits
we knit
you knit
they knit

Use in a sentence:
I knit the garter ribbing at the bottom of the sweater.

Past Tense:
I knitted
you knitted
he,she,it knitted
we knitted
you knitted
they knitted

I knitted the body portion of the back, with an occasional purl blip every now and again.

Future Tense:
I will knit
you will knit
he,she,it will knit
we will knit
you will knit
they will knit

I will knit the yoke part of the back next. I will knit the cables the way the directions state, even though they both cross the same direction. I will not mind the non-mirroring effect, at least not enough to rip it out.

Past Participle: (In double checking my typing I found that I wrote "particle" here instead of "participle". This doesn't bode well for my understanding if I don't even know what it's called.)
I have frogged
you have frogged
he, she, it has frogged
we have frogged
you have frogged
they have frogged

I have frogged only a couple of rows on this sweater, and I have knitted the front to match the back. (This includes the non-mirroring cables.)

Present Participle:
I am knitting
you are knitting
he, she, it is knitting
we are knitting
you are knitting
they are knitting

They are not knitting this sweater; it is just I. (a flash of a future lesson on pronouns, which I hope I got right.)

You'd think that 5 tenses would be enough, wouldn't you? But no, there's more!

Present Perfect Tense (where I'm getting bored and will skip the conjugation. Plus, I'm not sure how.)

I have knitted the first sleeve and now I knit the second sleeve.

Past Perfect Tense:

I had bought enough yarn, so I finished the second sleeve. (Wow, that was hard to get a sentence for the Past Perfect.)

Future Perfect Tense:
I will have run out of yarn after I finish this sleeve. (What's perfect about perfect tenses, anyway? They're certainly not very easy to do.)

You'll be happy to hear that I'm going to totally skip the Progressive Tenses. You and I are both becoming extremely bored.

You also might be interested in hearing that I took these pictures at DS#2's soccer practice yesterday. I felt weird walking away from the other parents only to start throwing my knitted pieces of the floor of the gazebo and taking pics. However, the light was good and I'm not sure the parents even noticed.

The sweater is another charity sweater in kid size 6, knitted in Paton's Classic Merino on size 7 needles, with the ribbing done on 6s.


valéria said...

I love the knitted items
I would have loved to be there and knit with you
Perhaps I will do some day and knitting with you will be loved and so you see that I tried out the past and pressent ;o)

Have a great day.
take care.

Lynn said...

This is why I hated grammar! Blech.

BUT it was entertaining to read.

Kathy F said...

Not exactly grammar, but I wondering about the rule for using parentheses. Is that the right tense?