Tuesday, September 16, 2008

G.I. Joes' Party

Several days after I prepared for our non-hurricane, I went into the bathroom again and saw this:

Not only did the G.I. Joes have diving lessons, but apparently they called all their friends, both large and small (plus some wrestlers who live in the next county over), to come and join them. They must've had a fun time diving, and maybe some partying was going on, 'cause is it just me, or do they all look exhausted and passed out? (Ahhh.... we visit the run-ons again!)

I've finally reclaimed my trash can, so the troups need to go somewhere else to have fun. (Maybe they can invite themselves over to the wrestlers' house so that can do some fake fighting.)

Remember this blanket? I gave it as a present at a baby shower over the weekend where it was greeted by many ooohs and aaahs.

Since it was met with such enthusiasm, and since I enjoyed doing it so much, that I decided to make another one.

At least, I was going to make another one until, after many an hour fruitless internet search, I discovered that the yarn is discontinued. (Plymouth Encore Colorspun DK, and yes, I checked Ravelry's FSOT.)

Discontinued, I say. At this moment I'm at a loss on how to proceed. I have it fixed in my mind that this is the only yarn that will do. Shortly, I hope, I will realize that the blanket can be made out of absolutely any yarn that looks good; it's just a matter of picking one.

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Diane said...

Those GI Joes really throw a wild party. At least they didn't invite any barbies.