Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oven Mitt Birthday

Since I'm a mom that believes in embarassing all children equally, I present DS#1 at one year old:

Here he is at 20:

(Notice that I could actually find a non-baseball picture of him. Not as easy a feat as it sounds.)

Yep, my oldest turned 20 years old today.


Boy, do I feel old.

Oh, yeah, and I miss him and wish him a Happy Birthday down in the sun-soaked state of Florida.

This may seem like an odd present, but since he's living off-campus for the first, I decided to make him an oven mitt and pads.

Here's the huge before-felting version:

I used Paton's Classic wool (one whole skein for the mitt, most of another for the pads) and a mitten pattern on huge needles. I tried using a duplicate stitch afterwards for the "U", but it didn't look right, so I ripped back and knitted it in.

Here's the finished product:

It ended up shrinking the right amount.

Think he'll know how to use it?

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