Friday, November 24, 2006


For as many times as I've tried to upload these pictures, you'd think there's a specific blocker:

"Warning, warning, birds coming through. Direct them towards the south, but by no means let them through to this somewhat northern blog. Or if they get through, make sure they have friends. Multiple friends. Three or four friends. Then when one is deleted, make sure the pack stays together and all get deleted."

This time I think I've won and these birds will stay somewhat northern, at least for today.

All this work concerning birds, but there's not really any knitting content. Rather, this is DD#2's crafts for the day.

Here's our turkeys that graced the Thanksgiving table.

Here's my new winter nametag. Pretty snazzy, huh?

If anyone sees these birds flying south, send them back this way, please.


valéria said...

When i see pinquins fly i'll stop drinking wine for the rest off my life ok??? ;-))

But when i'll see them pasing by on wijk aan zee (near amsterdam but then by the sea) i'll send them straight back.....

take care,

Melody said...

Ruth, thanks so much for sharing your Diamond handwarmers pattern with everyone - I have knitted the first handwarmer of a pair and it's fab!

Deb the Brit