Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New things

It's becoming very fall-like around here. This is the view from my deck. (NOT the view straight out, which would show a brand new house that was hidden by the leaves, but now that they're falling, I'm going to be able to see it oh, too well.)

I've been working on these doll soakers. I'm writing up a pattern that I meant to have done before I loaded the pictures, but seeing that I'm halfway I'll just show the pic and post the pattern later.

Aren't they cute?

The next is a CIC sweater from (insert 10 minutes here as I realize there's no bookmark, search the house for the pattern, realize that it's a pdf file so no link listed on the bottom, then google for the link. Whew!) Guideposts Knit for Kids .

Each side is supposed to be done separately, then seamed together. Instead, I knit the bottom together in the round, then am doing the top half separately. The theory was that since I'm using scraps then it'll have a more cohesive look. Not true, but it was a nice thought.

Here's the last new thing that I'm working on: Socks for DH. He's liking the bold stripes, and if I can get the sizing correct, they'll be a winner.

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